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Grep The Cat & Me

Hey, I’m Kevin (he/they). I am a Cloud Infrastructure/Site Reliability/DevOps Engineer by day and … well night for that matter as well. I’m pictured to the left and Grep the Cat is pictured to the right. My interests mainly concern infrastructure, security, automation, networking, and observability through monitoring and structured logging. I am a highly-opinionated engineer that prefers solutions over short-term fixes. I primarily work with AWS, Linux, Hashicorp, Ansible, Python and Go, but am willing to explore areas I have not had direct experience with. My home lab should give you a pretty decent understanding of how I like to build systems and am available for discussion (use the social links on the side to get ahold of me).


  • What have you been up to lately?
    • Nothing much, COVID-19 has forced me to stay a little more local than I would’ve wished. Some good things have come out of it such as more opportunities to cook at home, finesse a sandwich bread loaf recipe, and work on my home lab setup.
  • Where are you working?
    • I will begin a new opportunity 12/1, until then I am resting and working on some pet projects.
  • Are you looking for work?
    • Open for consultation: Cloud, Infra, DevOps
    • Email me at kevin(at)spicyomelet(dot)com
  • Any good beers?
  • How’s Grep the Cat?
    • Grep is loving all of the attention he’s getting now that I am working full-time remote. He’s spoiled rotten!


I really don’t have really cool hobbies, but I am into:

  • Tinkering
  • Retro Computing (specifically the Mainframe via TK4- distribution of MVS 3.8j on Hercules)
  • Biking (all over Chicago)
  • Bread Making
  • Cooking
  • Mechanical Keyboards (currently rocking the Atreus as my daily driver)
One of my Atreus Keyboards that I use as my daily driver. It has Cherry MX browns for a nice tactile and clicky feedback.


This is what I’m working on in my “free” time. I really enjoy electronics and tech, so tinkering is one of my main hobbies.

Home Laboratory

This site is hosted on my own infrastructure running in the corner of my living room. I started working on this during Shelter-In-Place starting mid-March 2020 and am currently polishing and hardening the cluster. My main goal is to have a space to test out tech stacks that I have not had much experience with and have a place where I share proof-of-concepts in a safe place.

The lab is currently built upon Hashicorp Nomad accompanied by Consul and Vault.

A write-up of the current configuration can be found here.