.bashrc aliases for the Hashicorp CLI Native

I pretty much live in a vim, tmux, and bash world for most of my interaction outside of the web browser. Here is a snippet of my .bashrc file that saves me some time.

export VAULT_ADDR="https://your-vault-server-domain"
export NOMAD_ADDR="https://your-nomad-server-domain"
export CONSUL_ADDR="https://your-consul-server-domain"

alias vl='vault login -method=oidc'
alias nl='export NOMAD_TOKEN=$(vault read -field=secret_id nomad/creds/developer)'
alias cl='export CONSUL_HTTP_TOKEN=$(vault read -field=token consul/creds/developer)'

My workflow is:

  1. vl – Log into Vault
  2. nl – Retrieve and set Nomad credentials
  3. cl – Retrieve and set Consul credentials

I decided to keep these as separate aliases to only retrieve the tokens I need. I generally use Vault and Nomad the most. My tokens expire after 1 hour, so this saves me quite a bit of typing.

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